Why Ambra.Staff?

  • We provide high quality and customized virtual employee support, while offering lower costs

  • Innovation in technology solutions enables to easily outsource to other geographies (such as DropBox©, GDrive©, Skype©, Telegram©, Wunderlist©)

Is your firm efficiently staffed?

  • Most firms are top-heavy, with limited or null access to junior resources

  • We can produce output at substantially reduced rates without dilution of quality

  • This shift has two main implications: 
    1) Significant savings on the outsourced activities, and 
    2) Opportunity for senior staff to focus on core activities


  • Ultra low-cost

Leverage on automation and software  in order to deliver output at ultra-low cost

  • Intelligent processes

Support that is tailored to clients’ needs, thanks to personalised and multi-platform approach

  • Knowledge centre

​Serve as knowledge-centre to organizations looking to outsource activities – Provides clients with state-of-the-art solutions

  • Team collaboration and sharing

​Integrated with the latest team-collaboration technology platforms, such as DropBox©, GDrive©, Skype©, Telegram©, Wunderlist©, to deliver maximum engagement, excellent team collaboration and instant communication

  • Secure and reliable

​Managing clients’ data on cloud-based platforms, with multi-level security protection and disaster recovery